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About Shini Arora

Shini currently pursuing a master's in architecture (interior design) from a very reputed university and did her Bachelor of Architecture in the year 1996 and started her practice, and in 2006 it all took a new turn as she finished her course in Vastu Shastra. She started intensive research, experiments, and study in the field of Vastu shastra. Later she learned Vedic Astrology also for a better understanding of the subject.


To get a deeper understanding of human connection with these ancient traditional sciences, she started meditation and practiced kundalini for a few years. The insights and revelations made these learnings more meaningful, apparent, and clear. She then enrolled in the Pranic Healing program (no touch/distance healing) and finished all levels of energy healing and balancing chakras/energy centers in the human body.

The cohesive skillset makes her proficient in bringing balance to human life in terms of space, planets, or chakras, helping many needful humans to improve their lives and move forward with definite solutions.

Today she is conducting lectures and running workshops on the subject. She is also conducting one-to-one counseling sessions in various areas of her studies. She is also sharing her expertise as an architect with young architects as guest faculty in various architecture colleges in Tricity.

She has also done a formalised diploma course in Naturopathy and Yoga from a renowned institute to get a more insightful understanding of the human body and its connection with space and other faculties of the universe to help others with a balanced healthy life and lifestyle.

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