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Vastu Workshop

Vastu is an ancient Indian shastra where space is inherently connected to human beings and other living beings. Human beings, the most evolved living entity have realized that creating a balanced space automatically will balance our state of physical mental emotional, and spiritual well-being. A disturbed space leads to disturbed life depending upon the area and proportion of imbalance. Vastu follows some universal laws of nature which make life healthy, happy, and progressive. 

Join this workshop to enhance your life at every level.  The course aims to uncover ways to ensure the continued health and overall progress of all habitants of the building in accordance with nature and ancient shastras. The aim of the course is also to uncover the scientific reasoning behind the main Vastu principles or guidelines.

Module (30 hours)

Weekly classes – 2 hours /day

      Part 1 (6 hours)

  • What is Vastu

  • What is vastu shastra

  • Understanding human needs and sensitivity

  • Connection between human beings and Vastu

  • Connection between Vastu, architecture, and interior design

    Part 2 (6 hours)

    5 elements of nature

  • What are Cardinal directions

  • How to Use a compass

  • What is Vastu Purusha mandala - history, geometry, and religious


  • Use of Vastu in historical architecture

  • Process of modern architecture

  • Assignment.

    Part 3 (6 hours)

  • 5 elements of nature and their respective characteristics

  • Understanding the nature of energies in Vastu

  • Class Activity

    Part 4 (6 hours)

  • Application of Vastu in modern buildings (general)

  • Application of Vastu in Residential, public, and commercial buildings

  • Class Activity

    Part 5 (6 hours)

  • Assignment and activity

  • Breaking the myths

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